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VXR Trackday game

Here is the game I had that rotation problem with. Use the mouse to control the steering. Post your best times in the comments! ;

Perlin Noise experiment

This is another Flash on the Beach AS3.0 experiment. There is a perlin noise field that controls the rotation of a series of circles that are slightly off centre. Looking at this one in action makes my eyes go funny. Click on the image below to see it animate.

Feedback loop

Here is an experiment inspired by something I saw at Flash on the Beach. I can’t remember which speaker showed something like this but it was great. Just click on one of the circles to start the loop going and sit back and see what happens.

Code snippets highlight

I just installed this great plug-in for highlighting code in my posts: Snippet Highlight Install and put <pre></pre> tags around the code you want to use.

Rotation problem

I was building a nice little car racing game last week and got stuck on a problem to do with rotation. Getting the car to follow the cursor wasn’t a problem but as I put a restriction on the amount the car could turn, I couldn’t just make the angles equal each other. This meant […]

Kensington Design Company

This was a site I built with my mate Martin Burford that has a few flash bits and pieces. Amazing looking work they do. If I had the £$¥€ I’d definitely get them to make over my place. It is AS2.0 and XML driven.

URL encoding in Javscript

After almost freaking out about a problem with FlashVars and a URL string variable that contained many ampersands (&) I couldn’t work out how to pass the URL in without Flash splitting the string up into separate variables until I came across this lovely JS function encodeURIComponent(…) This is a good one to remember

Updates to twenty8twelve

I made some updates before Christmas to Sienna Miller’s fashion range. It was the new season update and I tweaked the site a little as well. Check it out: