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AS2.0 DesignTool

Following up on an earlier post, here is the AS2.0 version of the dragToPosition X & Y coordinate tracer. class com.sitedaniel.utils.Design { public static function dragToPosition(mc:MovieClip):Void { mc.onPress = function():Void { startDrag(this, false); } mc.onRelease = function():Void { this.stopDrag(); trace(this._x + ‘, ‘ + this._y); } } }

AS2.0 Delegate.create with parameters

This is an oldie but a goodie. Getting around scope problems in AS2 can be a pain, but mx.utils.Delegate can help. The only problem is that you can’t pass parameters to your function using this one. The following class enables you to use the Delegate.create method, and also pass parameters to the function: class com.sitedaniel.utils.Delegate […] update

The new site went live yesterday after two frantic weeks (see previous post). The site is built in AS3.0 and uses RTMP video streaming to stream music video clips. The site also enables users to create playlists which are stored remotely against an ID value from a local cookie. The service is unbelievable fast […]

vidzone launch!

just finished building the new vidzone site unlimited streaming videos more later

Web politics

Microsoft doing its best to overcome Flash:

Handy build tool

Here’s a little tool I recently ported to AS3 that I use quite often to place things on the stage at the correct X and Y positions. This saves you from having to guess X and Y values, and it means you can get objects into place quickly and move on to the next thing. […]