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Sound experiments – part 2

Here is part 2 of my sound experimentation. What I’m trying to do here is to analyse Fast Fourier Transform data from a sine wave, to determine what the initial pitch of the sound is. First of all I’m generating a sine wave (see part 1). The pitch of this wave is relative to the […]

Site Launch – Fairytale Fights

This is v2 of Fairytale Fights and a more complete and extensive site than v1. It is AS3.0 and XML driven, and uses the GAIA framework. It supports 6 languages and uses video extensively. This game looks like it would be great fun to play and the artwork for the game is brilliant.

Using an ‘onclick’ event to dynamically load a SWF

Here is an excellent post about how to use an ‘onclick’ event to dynamically load a SWF. The great thing about this example is that the javascript will dynamically add or remove the required DIV tag needed to embed the SWF. link