UK Postcode Mapper Firefox extension is now open-source

I have now made the UK Postcode Mapper Firefox extension open source, after a user suggestion on this blog. I initially decided to create this extension as a way to learn more about Firefox and javascript. Since the first build I have updated it twice, but don't have time to maintain it anymore, so making it open-source makes perfect sense.
The source can be access on github at this location:

The license info is in the README file.
If you would like to get involved in publishing / updating this project at, please email me and I will add you as a new Author.


  1. Urs Rau says:

    hi daniel,
    what’s happened to the uk postcode mapper extension for ff? no trace on github and not trace of it on mozilla extension directory that I can find.
    is it still around? or do you know of another product that does uk postcode mapping?

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Urs, I didn’t have time to maintain this anymore as every release of Firefox required it to be updated and resubmitted. Also there was no action on github so I figured that it was time to go.

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