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Speed up your KeyRepeat rate OSX

defaults write NSGlobalDomain KeyRepeat -int 0 You’ll need to log out and log in again to see the change

Flash “Allow” webcam button not working – Firefox

I recently came across this problem with a small AR project I was working on. Sometimes the webcam would work, but other times the SWF would seem to freeze when the Webcam Flash Player Settings window would come up. I could still “tab” around the settings window but I couldn’t select the “Allow” button to […]

UK Postcode Mapper Firefox extension is now open-source

I have now made the UK Postcode Mapper Firefox extension open source, after a user suggestion on this blog. I initially decided to create this extension as a way to learn more about Firefox and javascript. Since the first build I have updated it twice, but don’t have time to maintain it anymore, so making […]

Site launch – Moonbeam Films

This site for Moonbeam Films went live last week. It is AS3.0, XML controlled and uses the Gaia framework. It also uses the Google Maps API which is very easy to set up and use.

Flash on the Beach tickets on eBay

I’ve already got my conference pass, but if you don’t have yours then here is a great way to pick one up: eBay! FOTB09 Ticket 1FOTB09 Ticket 2FOTB09 Ticket 3FOTB09 Ticket 4FOTB09 Ticket 5

Useful AS3: Removing Child DisplayObjects

One of the most useful lines of code I have found in AS3 is the following:  while (numChildren > 0) removeChildAt(0)  This removes every child DisplayObject from the DisplayObject you run it on. Very useful for cleaning up after yourself. Another example:  while (myMc.numChildren > 0) myMc.removeChildAt(0); 

AS3 debugging with Arthropod

I was just put on to a great debugging tool called Arthropod. It is highly configurable (including password protection) and includes many very handy features such as being able to switch between standard window behaviour and staying ‘always on top’. Also you can take a screenshot of your stage and send the bitmap through and […]

Animated Rising Sun

Here is a small and simple class I wrote this morning to create an animated rising sun. You can configure the number of segments and the size very easily.  package { import flash.display.Sprite; import;  public class RisingSun extends Sprite { private var _segments :Number = 40; private var _rad :Number = 730;  public function […]