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Swf Info : width, height, swf version, actionscript version, framerate

Have a local SWF but no FLA? Need to know the width, height, swf version, actionscript version or framerate? You can use this tool to load in your SWF and find out everything you need to know. It works with Flash Movies using ActionScript 2.0 or 3.0 and will tell you instantly all the information […]

Vauxhall Comparator

This is a project I worked on a few years ago and forgot about for a while. It took a while for it to go live with the the redesign but it is live now. It is ActionScript2.0 and run by a very large data set, and configured completely via XML.

Fig Leaves Xmas promotion

This small project went live recently. It is AS2.0 and XML driven. link

Leading Zero Static function for digital clock

If you’ve ever created a digital timer or clock then you probably used something like this function. It adds a leading zero if the number is only one digit long. This means that if the minute value is ‘6’ then it will return ’06’. eg. 12:06:43  class com.sitedaniel.utils.StringUtil{ public function StringUtil(){} /** * leadingZero * […]

Dead Set launch

The E4 Dead Set site went live on Friday. The build was enjoyable as there are many interesting video and sound effects. It is XML driven and uses the BrightCove FLV player and Omniture Tracking. link

AS2.0 DesignTool

Following up on an earlier post, here is the AS2.0 version of the dragToPosition X & Y coordinate tracer. class com.sitedaniel.utils.Design { public static function dragToPosition(mc:MovieClip):Void { mc.onPress = function():Void { startDrag(this, false); } mc.onRelease = function():Void { this.stopDrag(); trace(this._x + ‘, ‘ + this._y); } } }

AS2.0 Delegate.create with parameters

This is an oldie but a goodie. Getting around scope problems in AS2 can be a pain, but mx.utils.Delegate can help. The only problem is that you can’t pass parameters to your function using this one. The following class enables you to use the Delegate.create method, and also pass parameters to the function: class com.sitedaniel.utils.Delegate […]

Customising the FlashDevelop Class templates

Here’s how to update the new Class template text in FlashDevelop. Out of the box, if you hit Ctrl+1 you’ll get this: /** * … * @author Default */ class { } So that you don’t have to add in your name every time, you can edit the template here: Tools -> Application Files… Templates/ […]

Opening Pop-up windows from Flash

Recently I read that the best way to open pop-up windows from Flash was to use the ExternalInterface class. I found some code that looked good but it didn’t work in Safari on a Mac. if (ExternalInterface.available) {“”, “popup.html”, “win”, “height=300, width=400, toolbar=no, scrollbars=yes”); } else { getURL(‘popup.html’, ‘_blank’); } However it isn’t that […]

Vauxhall Diesel

This site is tucked away a little on but I really like it. There are a few hidden ‘application’ type sections that include a vehicle chooser and engine comparator. link