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Dragging in Papervision 3D – example

UPDATE 29/09/09: This technique is possibly no longer valid with the latest version of Papervision3D. Here is a small example I put together quickly today to demonstrate how to drag in 3D using Papervision and the InteractiveUtils.getMapCoordAtPointDO3D function. Since my last post on this in December last year, the Papervision getMapCoordAtPointDO3D method returned object’s x […]

Augmented Reality – FLARToolKit

Here is my first attempt at using FLARToolKit and Papervision3D to augment my reality. The FLARToolKit is great and very easy to get up and running, thanks to the great demo from Saqoosha. You can design your own image and generate a marker file here. If you have a webcam you can download my marker […]

Dragging in PaperVision 3D

There doesn’t seem to be much out there explaining how to drag something in 3d space. Recently I’ve had to create some planes that are draggable along one plane (i.e. the z depth doesn’t change but the x and y coordinates will). Doing this involves converting 2D coordinates into 3D coordinates. There is a built […]

New PORTFOLIO site!!!!

I’ve just completed rebuilding my portfolio using AS3.0 and some PaperVision3D. Many of the sites I have built or worked on over the last few years are up there so hopefully this will help me drum up some more contract work.