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Site Launch: Nissan Qashqai differentiation

This site for Nissan finally launched last week almost 4 months after I completed the build. It is AS3 and uses the PureMVC framework. It is to help customers compare the two different Qashqai models and their respective features. I really like the way the paint splashes around in this campaign. link

Site launch – portfolio site v3

I’ve just launched my new portfolio site. This is v3.0 of, and takes a more minimalist approach to the design than the previous versions. This site is powered by ActionScript3.0 and XML, and uses some fun BitmapData effects. link

Site Launch – Fairytale Fights

This is v2 of Fairytale Fights and a more complete and extensive site than v1. It is AS3.0 and XML driven, and uses the GAIA framework. It supports 6 languages and uses video extensively. This game looks like it would be great fun to play and the artwork for the game is brilliant.

City Broadcasting – site launch

This site went live recently. It was a very quick build using the Gaia framework. It is XML driven and AS3.0 link

BAFTA Nomination – Interactive Creative Contribution

Dead Set, a project I was involved in at 4Creative has been nominated for a BAFTA for Interactive Creative Contribution! The project was inspired and led by a friend of mine Stuart Holton. It was a fantastic project to be involved in, and a fun build using video and sound to great effect. Fingers crossed […]