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Leading Zero Static function for digital clock

If you’ve ever created a digital timer or clock then you probably used something like this function. It adds a leading zero if the number is only one digit long. This means that if the minute value is ‘6’ then it will return ’06’. eg. 12:06:43  class com.sitedaniel.utils.StringUtil{ public function StringUtil(){} /** * leadingZero * […]

AS2.0 DesignTool

Following up on an earlier post, here is the AS2.0 version of the dragToPosition X & Y coordinate tracer. class com.sitedaniel.utils.Design { public static function dragToPosition(mc:MovieClip):Void { mc.onPress = function():Void { startDrag(this, false); } mc.onRelease = function():Void { this.stopDrag(); trace(this._x + ‘, ‘ + this._y); } } }